Integrated Therapy, LLC

"As a busy spine physician, I am always looking for top-notch therapists to help me get my patients back on track. The therapists at Integrated Therapy have done just that. Exercise in an aquatic environment offers many advantages traditional physical therapy simply cannot. My patients love the therapeutic benefits of being in a buoyant, "weightless" environment and, more importantly, they now ENJOY doing their therapy exercises. Thanks to the therapists at Integrated Therapy, I have a lot of very happy, pain-free patients!"

Dr. Reuben Sloan

Resurgens Orthopaedics

Atlanta, GA

Outpatient Aquatic Physical Therapy

Integrated Therapy is committed to the highest quality of aquatic physical therapy care. Utilizing the physical properties of the water, our goal is not only to restore patients to their maximum function, but also provide education about the injury and tools for prevention. All staff members receive a minimum of 20 hours of post-graduate continuing education in aquatic physical therapy annually and are certified in basic water rescue skills. Therapists accompany each patient in the water during treatment. We strive for patients to see the same therapist at each visit.